Binding illustration sketches, development stages & preliminary drafts.
Interior illustrations​​​​​​​
Business After Hours - 'He slid out of the red kiosk into the pit among the tall houses, the gun in his gloved hand inside his jacket pocket'
Number Seven - 'My husband loved showing his old toys to people. That's what gave me the idea. It's much better than a grave, isn't it?'
The Man Who Wanted to Know the Time - 'Richard, who was looking down directly into the back, could see a coil of fine rope on the worn leather seat, a starting handle with a dirty tie-on label fluttering from its shaft, and an ordinary wooden crate.'
The Object of the Exercise - 'Gerry fired carefully and once again the distinctive noise, as of a heavy wooden box falling upon a polished stone floor, a sound as sharp and violent as a pistol shot, echoed up the well of a staircase.'
Police Machine - 'Mr Campion, who was standing next to Charlie Luke in the darkness, watching the proceedings, thought he had never seen anything so macabre in his life.'
Hard Behind Him - 'Luke lowered her gently into the chair and put a cigarette in her mouth'
Preparation For An Accident - 'She was leaning back against the chintz shell as high as her head and he saw her face as if he had never seen it before'
Client - The Folio Society / Art Director - Sheri Gee / 2018
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